Wealth Management

Wealth management is the active investing and monitoring of your assets. We consider wealth management to be the tool used to accomplish the goals identified in your financial plan.

To assist in our investing process, we collaborate with third party professionals for market research and portfolio building. Based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, we’ll place you in a portfolio that matches your attitude toward investing.

Our portfolios also incorporate dynamic risk management. We define this as the active adjustment of your portfolio to general market trends. Through our third party we track money flows into and out of classes or sectors. Simply put, when money is flowing into a sector the price tends to increase. Also, when money flows are moving out of equities and into defensive positions (cash, bonds, gold, and treasuries) our models follow suit.

Generally speaking, when the market goes up more of your assets are placed in equities, which allow us to participate in the overall growth trend. When the market goes down, assets are placed in non-equities, such as bonds, to help preserve your growth and protect against loss.

Underlying this strategy is our philosophy regarding the market, which can be summed up in three ideals:


1. We don’t know where the market will go, and neither does anyone else


2. Wherever the market does go, it will get there by trending money flows


3. Along the way, there will be outperformers and underperformers. The bad performers get replaced with the good

By following these ideals and using our dynamic risk management approach, we believe that we can achieve positive results for our clients in various market conditions.

Our investment philosophy does not guarantee a profit or protection from loss. Investing involves risk, including the loss of principal.

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